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The EVE Project exists to support, empower and equip female survivors of abuse.

Representing Equality, Value and Empowerment, The EVE Project (TEP) is a 12-month program that offers women who live with trauma as the result of past abuse a multi-faceted approach to support them as they rebuild their lives.

The program provides:
(1) therapeutic services to help women heal and regain their sense of self-worth, value and purpose and
(2) Training and mentoring alongside supported activities designed to empower women and provide pathways to find purpose in life, including but not limited to employment.

The EVE Project Aim

To see women who have survived abuse thriving, with renewed self-worth, value and purpose.

What We Offer

Delivered by Hopefield Services, the program offers women a holistic and person-centered experience in a safe and nurturing environment designed to support them as they reclaim their lives, continue to heal and build a sustainable future for themselves and their children.  

The EVE Project is a 12-month group program that runs over four school terms. Hopefield offers two intakes per year (March & August).  The program begins as a two-day/week commitment (terms 1 & 2) and increases to three days/week (terms 3 & 4).

Referral Guidelines and Application Process

To apply or make a referral to The EVE Project, please read the information below to ensure the program is the right fit for you. For further information, call 9545 0299.

Program Criteria, who should apply:

  • Women aged 18+ with a trauma/abuse history
  • Women who left the abusive relationship at least 12 months ago
  • Applicants must have stable housing
  • Applicants willing to explore healing and future purpose
  • Be working with a counsellor/psychologist  

 Preferred but not essential, applicants should:

  • Have Case Management Support in place
  • Have childcare in place for any child/ren in their care

Complete referral form and forward to:

Please note: Completing an application/referral does not guarantee entry into the program. Applicants will be invited to attend an assessment interview to determine if the program is the correct fit for them. The results of the assessment will be shared with each applicant and referrer within 5 working days of the interview.

Dependent upon program availability and suitability an appointment will be scheduled for a program assessment.

Loving every step we have taken and looking forward to many more to come.

– The eve Project participant 

Why do we need The EVE Project

According to the 2021–22 PSS*:

1 in 6 women
1 in 18 men

in 2021–22 had experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous cohabiting partner since the age of 15
1 in 4 women
1 in 7 men

in 2021–22 had experienced emotional abuse by a current or previous cohabiting partner since the age of 15
1 in 6 women
1 in 13 men

in 2021–22 had experienced economic abuse by a current or previous cohabiting partner since the age of 15
1 in 5 women
1 in 16 men

in 2021–22 had experienced sexual violence since the age of 15
*Reference: FDSV summary – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (

To view the Evaluation Report Findings of TEP Click Here

The story of The EVE Project

The EVE Project (TEP) launched in the Illawarra region of NSW in 2019 as an organisation with the vision to see women who have survived abuse, thriving with renewed self-worth, value, and purpose. To achieve this vision, TEP piloted a 12-month supported work experience and pathways to employment program alongside their hospitality based social enterprise called EVE & Co.

At the close of 2021 after piloting the program and trying to grow a start-up business throughout two years of COVID 19 restrictions, it became clear that changes were required for TEP to continue. With strong values and strategic alignment, in mid 2022 it was announced that Hopefield Services Inc would adopt TEP programs. EVE & Co ceased trading in October 2022 until Hopefield could source sufficient funding to launch and operate a food based social enterprise. The EVE & Co assets were transferred to Hopefield to allow this exploration.

Helen Dwyer was a co-founder of The EVE Project and has transitioned to Hopefield as Program Lead for TEP program. A program evaluation of the Illawarra pilot was completed in early 2023. TEP launched its first program intake at Hopefield in July 2023.