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Support for homelessness, domestic and family violence, addictions and other complex issues across Cronulla and Kirrawee.

What We Offer

Case Management

Support Services

Case management is a supportive and collaborative service offered to clients with complex, overlapping needs.

Family & Children Case Management

Support Services

Family and Children Case Management addresses the complex relationship and specific needs of a family unit and other intimate relationships.

Domestic & Family Violence Support

Support Services

Domestic and family violence (DFV) affects people of all ages, cultures and religions regardless of income, education and occupation and includes emotional, psychological, physical, verbal, social, financial and sexual abuse. 

NDIS Support Coordination

Support Services

Hopefield Support Services provides support coordination under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Hopefield Food Services

Support Services

Hopefield Support Services provides meals and food assistance to those in need.

Work & Development Orders

Support Services

The Work & Development Order scheme was developed by Revenue NSW to assist fine repayment through an approved organisation.

Evaluation Report Findings

The EVE Project

The Story of The EVE Project The EVE Project (TEP) launched in the Illawarra region of NSW in 2019 as…