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Hopefield’s purpose is to serve those in our community experiencing poverty, disadvantage, distress or isolation. As a community-based organisation, we believe, regardless of life circumstance, background or belief, every individual matters and we exist to improve the lives and wellbeing of others, by showing them that change is possible.

We facilitate this change by helping people to solve issues, by equipping, inspiring hope and transforming lives.

When an opportunity was presented to Hopefield to integrate The Eve Project’s Thriving Futures Program with Hopefield, we were very excited.

The Eve Project (TEP) exists to support, empower and equip female survivors of abuse and trauma. It is a long term, holistic and enduring intervention for female survivors of trauma to support in rebuilding their lives. It aims to stop the intergenerational transference of abuse as well as improve options for:

  • overcoming the typical dependency on welfare
  • overcoming barriers to education and employment.

As we considered Hopefield’s purpose, vision and mission along with our future plans and directions, there were many reasons why the integration of The Eve Project’s Thriving Futures program should be pursued.

With over 70% of Hopefield’s Support Services clients being female and of these, 90% presenting with a trauma history, then you can see why we knew this was a great opportunity. With The Eve Project’s Thriving Futures Program, Hopefield is able to offer expanded and new services into the Sutherland Shire, through this unique trauma recovery program. 

Hopefield has been engaged with TEP since inception and has supported TEP staff and Board in various activities over the past three years. The two organisations share a strong alignment in vision and values.

Over the next six months, there will be a review of The Thriving Futures Program which will be conducted by Helen Dwyer (from TEP) in collaboration with Hopefield. We anticipate the revised program will continue and grow in 2023 as a Hopefield program.


Vicki Sherry
CEO | Hopefield